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And here's long.

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I don't want that. How can she get pregnant if she's a trap? The cons outweigh the pros.

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Hello /jp/. I have noticed that not many people here have proper visual skills to read touhou drawings, so I have made a set of instructions, so easy that even an autist can do it.


1.- Breathe deeply and relax

2.- Look at an area of the drawing but avoid looking at it for longer that a second. When you move you gaze you should try to avoid looking at the areas that you have already looked at before. This should happen for 3 or 4 minutes.

This is used to counter -neuronal habituation- which makes your senses more dull. The brain gets tired easily after looking at something static and repetitive. Arousing your senses by quickly changing the stimulus , lets you perceive with far more aliveness and detail.

3.- Open notepad or grab pen and paper. Describe what you're perceiving with as much detail as possible. Do not be afraid of exaggerating your descriptions if it lets you write better.

4.- Relax.

5.- Now meditate and imagine that you're the artist that drew this image. Just pretend for a moment. Ask yourself "Why did I designed this part like this?" "What were my biggest challenges making this drawing?"

Now you have proper visual training to understand and appreciate art. I hope this enhances your general /jp/ browsing experience.

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