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So /jp/, I'm writing a pretty short story about Reisen getting tortured during her capture on the moon. Now I'm asking you guys to think for me a bit -should there be rape, torture, or(attempted) murder/execution(these are not mutually exclusive) and in what order? Optionally, should it end with consensual sex in the missionary position on a pink rose-scented bed, or more torture?

For the record, the torture will involve knives. Rabbit-ear mutilation will occur.

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Oh god, it's so fun waiting a while before posting the next part. You people have a fucking panic attack.

"There, all done. Now stand up, and we'll see you in all of your glory." Reisen felt very strange, and that was shared by everyone else. The combination of a suit jacket and a diaper was simply a sight to be seen. Not waiting for the order, she pulled on her skirt and broke into a further blush.

"Ohhhh, you look so cute in that! We'll have fun in the next two days, I know it. You can see the diaper sticking out from under your skirt, by the way." Tewi was extremely pleased, Eirin was backing away with the look of a wolf back upon her eyes, and Reisen had almost started to cry.

"This is insane..." Reisen was still getting used to the bulge in-between her legs, and it crinkled audibly as she walked. "I don't want to ask, but why did you put powder on? It's not like I'll... USE it."

"I've got a mighty number of medicines, if that's what you want." The look of a wolf left her eyes and turned into the look of a vicious raptor.

"Do it! Do it! DO IT!" Tewi was bouncing so much she was barely evading the ceiling. At least somebody was enjoying this.

"Oho, no. No. You wouldn't..." Reisen was panicking by now. She was a fully grown adult, an ex-soldier even, and somebody wanted her to piss herself!? It wasn't her choice, however, and she found a vial of tangerine liquid in her hand before she knew it. She almost broke out into tears, but she knew the consequence for resistance would be worse. She hesitated and shuddered for a moment before putting it to her lips.

Everyone in the room giggled uncontrollably as she drank it. At first it felt strange, stirring her insides. It worked it's way down her system slowly. Eirin's concoctions were effective, however, and within a minute she couldn't hold it in anymore.

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