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>Thus, I told you not to misunderstand. As far as I am concerned, both White and Black are equally shit, none of them go beyond being hopeless farces. While I don't care about matters like which side do I belong under, the concept of falling down being deemed as something that applies to me grates on my nerves

>Good and Evil, Light and Darkness, and so on... what the hell is such wordplay supposed to be? Worthless, it disgusts me to no end. Do not dare to speak of me in such a shallow perspective, which fickly, frivolously changes positions!

>Everything, all of it is equally shit to me. I will slaughter it all. I will annihilate it all. I will melt "Everyone" into my immutability, without exception. And for the sake of this, I must go beyond Tentsui, I have neither the duty nor the need to be dyed to your tastes. Aaah, shall I say it just one more time? I am me, do not dare to judge me the same as you, you worthless sham!

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>tfw no more Alastor

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Got my book, gonna try scanning the illustrations right now. Give me a second lads. Not gonna rip it apart so some of the scans might be rough

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