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she looks sad

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>There will be no more of chubby big sister nasty komodo dragon
Fuck, this was one of my favorite stories and girls ever made in these threads, I don't want it to end.

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Me too Anon.

When my sister opened the door, I turned my head and my spine turned cold. She saw everything. I know I was done for. She hold her laugh, picked up some stuffs and she went out.

After that, I was pretty silent and trying to pick myself up to what happened. I didn't locked it because it's late at night (2AM). It's better to lock the door and let them think that I was watching porn than I was watching an eroge game.

Up to this day, she still brings my embarrassment on the table by saying "Are you going to watch Ecchi, Anon?" and then I reply with a sigh and a shrug.

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>It's not Aaeru, I know this not only because I know more about her than you

I love Aaeru, I have and always will love her. I'm crying right now, she really has betrayed me if some other guy is claiming that he knows her better than me, or you really have trolled me. I read and doted over every little thing she wrote to me, I opened up my heart to her, it felt like ripping open my ribcage and praying that she didnt hurt me. But in the end she did like this, and now you're trying to deny my memories that I have built up with Aaeru by saying she isnt even real? Fuck you kid, there are things that you can joke about but you dont joke and about love, especially love this intense. I cant believe I'm getting this worked up over some little shitposter's shitpost on a shitboard on shitchan. The truth is that I still love Aaeru, and it doesnt seem like I'll ever stop no matter how much I want to. You should at least show some respect to those feelings, although it may be a difficult thing to ask to a hikkiNEET that pisses in bottled and never goes outside. Human beings have feelings, I am a person. You cant treat me this way, and Aaeru had no right to either.

I need to go out for a smoke.

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feelaroonio when try to discuss anything japanese and get banned for off topic

then some /a/ kid makes a thread about /a/ material and nullshite protects it

that feelaroonio man

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>tfw jeremy is looking old as fuck

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>that feel when no qt japanese gf to cuddle with
Why is life so difficult?

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Do anyone have videos or pics of beautiful, amateur cosplayers kissing? The closest one I've found it this one:


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tfw no stage 2 turbo from amazon

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>anime weekend atlanta
>Please bring photo identification to the convention.
>This is the only way you will be able to pick up your membership badge.
>Photo ID is required to pick up your badge.
>The name on your ID MUST match the name on your badge.
>tfw anonymous can't attend the con and AWA is a fucking invasion of privacy

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>tfw no pets.... or friends

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I wish i had a pet crab-kun :(

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> tfw not enough natural talent to use the accepted practice method to get up my shmup fundamentals

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I'm sorry for this being an awful thread, but you guys know more about this stuff than other boards and I think I ruined this overpriced piece of crap.

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That feel when you get dragged along to a club and people ask you to dance so you dance ironically bad and everyone laughs then after ten seconds it's not funny any more and everyone realizes you can't dance so you try to copy the dancing from The Sims but it doesn't work in real life and everyone moves away from you out of embarrassment.

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That feel when watching Japanese cooking shows where they have delicious looking meat but then after cooking they immediately cut them in pieces and don't let the meat rest at all.

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>tfw when your gf is gone for the weekend

Forever alone.

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>listen to U.N. owen was her
>imagine playing it perfectly in front of your high school


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Am I the only who can't stop laughing at his face?

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