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Is Keine that busty?

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Well obviously.

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Oh /jp/~

You did so well on this test~

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>no keine
You're a good person.

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Different metals have been made use of by different nations
for this purpose. Iron was the common instrument of commerce
among the ancient Spartans; copper among the ancient Romans; and
gold and silver among all rich and commercial nations.
Those metals seem originally to have been made use of for
this purpose in rude bars, without any stamp or coinage. Thus we
are told by Pliny, upon the authority of Timaeus, an ancient
historian, that, till the time of Servius Tullius, the Romans had
no coined money, but made use of unstamped bars of copper, to
purchase whatever they had occasion for. These bars, therefore,
performed at this time the function of money.

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Hey /jp/!

What is the difference between 川 and 河?

They're exactly pronounced the same and meant the same, right?

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Super villain? Keine is probably the most goodhearted person in Gensokyo.

Her Twisted Sister music collection non withstanding.

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Kimochi no Ii Keine

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Man, it's like lately EX Keine is all moe "I want to take it home!" styled, and regular Keine is all beautiful busty MILF teacher.

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Also, have some more Keine.

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Die troll die.

I had a dream that I met a shy and emotional Keine. We returned to her house and the first night together was amazing. She stared into me with those beautiful blue eyes as I gentle thrust into her. She moaned in passion and ecstasy as I ravaged her. And after all our strength was worn away, I rested my head on her soft breasts and let the world drift away from me. All the problems and worries I had ever felt, the crippling loneliness in my soul which was present each waking moment, flowed away as I simple listened to her heartbeat and felt her beautiful chest rise with each breathe. That wonderful oneness and relief of finally finding someone who loved me in return lulled me asleep and for that moment I knew true bliss. Then my alarm woke me up, and I got ready for another monotonous day at work.

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Was it milked from Keine?

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Guess you're right. Mokou does have straight cut bangs while Keine's are uneven and a bit messy.

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Shit, now it's become a problem...

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...She could've shown me that all people aren't bad...

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That way Mokou stays the fuck away from mai sexy were-hakutaku history teacher waifu.

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