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I want to make a lot of mouse babies with Nazrin!

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Nazrin is a mouse

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You really like butts, don't you?

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Well, she serves Bishamonten, so I guess she is Buddhist by default. Then again Shou is Bishamonten's avatar but she drinks - a Buddhism no-no. So who knows, really... The rules of Buddhism in Gensokyo may be a little warped.

The Myourenji isn't the one and only place a person can practice Buddhism in Gensokyo. I'd say her not living there isn't a big deal in that regard. I'd be more concerned about her eating meat and inducing lustful thoughts in humans.

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That also explains why Nazrin is not living in the temple and try to avoid Byakuren. The mouse knew the nun's habits before she got sealed.

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Because her skin looks so smooth and soft, maybe.

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