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If I had gap powers, things would be different around here...

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It warms my heart to know I am in good company with other autistic gentlemen here on /jp/.

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I'm bored. Want to cyber?

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I'm suspicious that I might have spoken with this person somewhere else.
Does crystal person go by any other names, maybe several.

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Now that's a plan!

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I'd cum in her panties.
Just think of how absolutely devastating that must be.

Lives in a shithole, has to dry clothes outside, garbage everywhere. Her only small minuscule joy in life is having clean underwear. Even if everything outside is shit, even if her small broomcloset of an apartment is shit, she at least can be clean.
But no, even her bits of clothing that would go on her hidden bits are now covered in the filthy seed of an unknown stranger.

Would you cry anons? Would you just break, and give up after all you have to deal with?

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this might be the last thing you see

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>mfw all the cakes and pastries in OPs pic were hand made lovingly out of humans, Sakuya's expression is damn well near morbidly priceless.

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