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Ran is like a single mother who unfortunately is left to raise a child with a defect. She abandoned all of her hopes and dreams of being the strongest in Gensokyo years ago, just so she could raise Chen and try to have a semi-normal life.

After many weeks of trying, after being rejected by Ran's lack of self-esteem and reluctance to try another relationship you finally get her alone. You hope to make her believe that love can happen to someone like her, and that she deserves to be happy.

You start by stroking her tails and after making her moan in anticipation you finally get her clothes off. You lick from her large breasts down to between her legs. You spend some time making her feel like a woman again.

Then, as you look up from between her legs, staring at you from the end of the bed is Chen. Chen is staring at you with the same stupid, unchanging face that she always has in the honkhonk comics.

Chen just stares at you.

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If ya dont mind the tails, shes all yours. Look, she so shocked that a beaty like you can come over and play with her.

Be wary tough, Chen can be little bitch from time to time.

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