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As you try to resist again, she forces you down to the ground and presses her body weight against you to pin you down. She continues her meal, moving further down your hand, eating little by little. The pain is unbearable, but it's far too late to turn back now. You are at her mercy, as she eats you little by little, finding pleasure in your twisted facial expression and moans of agony. In the midst of your painful ordeal, you feel something else, something down in your nether regions. You can't look down, you dare not even look anywhere below your neck right now, but you can certainly feel something. You realize what it is as you try to focus on it, and it's enough for you to face your fear and actually look down for clarification.

There she is, eyes closed, now up to your elbow sucking you dry with her closed eyes. You look down further and see her wildly grinding her hips, dry humping you as she bites down. She opens her left eye halfway, as if sensing that you've realized what she was doing. Her smile widens, she pulls you out of her mouth and moves her face up to yours. Paralyzed with a mixture of fear and excitement, you're too stunned to realize that she's just pressed her lips, stained with your blood, against your own. Her tongue slides past your lips easily, and intertwines with your own. Her lower body moves more furiously. She presses her crotch down harder on yours. As you proceed to slide your tongue into her mouth to return the kiss you realize it was a trap a moment too late. Her teeth snap down on your tongue like a bear trap. You attempt to pull away, but she holds your head in place with both hands. Ripping, tearing, pain. She's now chewing your tongue, sucking the stump of flesh in your mouth.

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Here's a fun documentary /jp/, it made me realize how much I love touhou.


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I dont think yuuka would attack and eat a person. If she saw you in her sunflower field I think shed let you go if you did not approach her, bowed apologetically and ran off and did not return. Shed attack you if you stayed to ask questions or seemed like someone who would be a good danmaku fight. And since shes part of the civilized youkai shed only eat outsiders anyway. Yuuka is dangerous but shes not murderous or violent beyond civil violence, you just cant intrude on her.
I think anyway.

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I dont know much about yuuka, but shes a very pretty tohou! Any anons who like yuuka?

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Touhou art thread

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