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when i first saw that i didn't know what it was.
when i truly (or what could be considered truly) got into touhou was when Nakateleeli (youtuber) posted a channel update and the game he was playing in the background happened to be touhou.
not trying to advertise, but link to his youtube if you wish to view his playtroughs.

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I heard from another board that you guys post this image all the time. Is that true?

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To whoever comes across this letter,
I'm writing this letter in the event that something happens to me. I'm writing this letter because there are so many thing that I want to say about so many people that I might never find the courage to say in my life, but that I do not want to take with me to my death. I want the world to be able to know my feelings, I want the world to know how much I cared. This is not a suicide note. I will never take my own life. I intend to live for a very, very long time. But Life is unpredictable, and stuff happens that is out of our hands. I've never been one to plan ahead, but this is an issue that transcends my laziness and requires my urgent attention. I'm going to update this letter as my life progresses, adding in more and more messages I need relayed to people.

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Hey, /jp/ anons, sit down for a moment.

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