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Holy shit you delivered

Thanks my man!

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Holy fucking jesus when did you become the best board ever /jp/?

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of course, that was fucking awesome too

probably one of the greatest moments in all of episode 5

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GipFace never fails to deliver magnificent material.

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Thanks for the assist, anonymous wormbro

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cool typo bro

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Reimu's got no power at all, just deal with her the way you deal with God, leave an offering on your door and she'll pass over your house.

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What do you guys think of Iosys? I think they're pretty decent and I have most of their albums on my iPod.

On long and hard days, I just fire up my favorite Iosys album and get full of energy!

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Okay guys get faggotry is over now go back to your routines.

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You'll never guess what happened to me at Japanese class today /jp/.

I was full of determination and dedication. I was surrounded by funky, sweaty spandex clad fat asses and amped up narutards overdosed on pocky and yet I remained composed. I was focused; I had tunnel vision and the only thing I could see is me becoming PERFECTLY JAPANESE NUBIAN SEXUAL CHOCOLATE. I, not unlike an asian man, began writing in japanese and performed 2 hours on an exercise completing almost all of it. I was in a state of euphoria and slight delirium. Determined to FINISH FIRST, I decided to push myself a bit more. Initially, everything went smoothly: I was able to do all of the work without any trouble and then IT HAPPENED. The instructor told us to answer a question "Page 43" he said. The question itself wasn't that difficult, but apparently it stimulates one to fart uncontrollably. The minute I got on to this page, I began farting machine gun style. I hoped that no one heard it, but they did. I resisted the urge to bolt from the class, but I think it's safe to say that I won't be seen in Japansese class anytime soon.

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Great! Please continue

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ok so im in japan at school and this kid i dont like his name is shinku he starts botering me because hes a jerk and he alawys picks on me like pushing me around and stuff anyway usualyi dont usualy do anything cuz i get scared but that day he was pushing me into the wall while i was walking to class with my friends and everyone was quiet cuz no1 wanted to get picked on but i was starting to get angry so i said to him stop it already, shinku and he's like f*** u, dork make me and im like fine thats it!!!11! so he pushes me and i fall on my face and evry1 around gets in a group and starts going fight fight fight and shinku like get up you b**** so i get up slowly and im REALLY angry and i turn around and i feel like theres this power inside me so i start screaming at him like goku so evry1 in the group backs up and looks scared and even shinku started to back up and look scared so i yell at him you shuldnt have messed with a sayian!!!1! i put my hands back and go kameeeeeeehameeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa and i try to shoot it i dont see it but i could feel the forc e of it (im training it now so i can see it) and shinku backed up a bit so i coul dtell him i hit him wiht it too then he turned around and walked awya cuz he was scared and evry1 in the gruop walked away too and my friends all come up to me and start saying stuff like good job and my friend chris says dude your hair turned gold for a second and im like really and hes like yeah and then all my other friends are like yeah i saw it too so thats the story of how i learned that i was a saiyan

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You can do it China, I believe in you!

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Ah, there you are!

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That'll do, pig. That'll do.

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What did you expect from the Ryu of SWR? Half-assed attacks and techniques? Balance?

Mines are probably the best alt. card in the game. I can't remember what /jp/ voted on as the best during out little "Tier List" deal, but I can't see another card disrupting an opponents strategy ENTIRELY but setting a mine down and watching them scramble to the sky or stop to barrage with bullets from afar.

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Welcome to the family!

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I can't hide it any longer. Today when I hear my roommate and his friends coming in, I'm not going to turn off my touhou music, I'm not going to stop watching my animu, I won't stop fappan to my loli doujins. Wish me luck guys.

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GGs, Kyon. Seems I'm still no match for you Aya, but getting there. You have an annoying Dragonforce.

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