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Yeah, but it just can't be fucking helped. It's one thing to see how 4chan is now, but it's another to see come to this state over a period of 15 years.

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Not all that surprised, desu. TakaJun's work is understandable, but it's not all that good, and not something I'd expect a VN translation company to sell, at least without changing it quite a bit.

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When I had left /jp/ and 4chan in general at the end of 2011 and came months later, I found that /jp/ had really changed a lot. There was some kind of new wave of shitposters and instead of telling them to get the fuck out of /jp/, it seemed like everyone was just ironically shitposting as some new defense mechanism. .

Since then, I only dropped by very rarely. Even now, I only have two threads open and it's only because they're both talking about the old days. My desire for Touhou, which was my main reason for being here, had pretty much dried up. Stopped keeping up with the games, the official stuff, the music albums, the doujins, new pictures.

Maybe /jp/ was always changing and I never noticed when I was always here.

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Welp, time to fap.

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