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Srsly tho, Muramasa was likely inspired by Crime and Punishment. It's Dostoevskiy's most famous work.
And Muramasa is times better. Even if we take into account that Muramasa is longer so it has a more time to explore a lot more ideas, the execution of each one is better. While Crime and Punishment explores the idea at local level and for trivial problem, Muramasa explores its ideas fully, pitting it against the conflict, the war.
Nah, that's not an accurate example. A better one would be:
Imagine a trolley problem, but main track has no one while the other has 10 guilty and 10 innocents. Kageaki would pull.

They can't. Sword fights are one of the best parts of Muramasa.

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How do you feel about gyaru monster girls?

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"Ne-ne, round-ear! It's time for school! We're gonna be late! Why do I always have to come around to wake you up? Don't forget to bring your divination bones and briar-root for our Druidic Magicks class today!"

What do you do?

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I can understand skipping routes but if I was skipping over text in something that I wasn't just playing for the porn, I would just drop it and pick up something more interesting.

>Specifically about how many VNs did you read before trying to read them?
About 20, first 10 with a text hooker

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"H-hey a-Anon..."

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I'm not as much offended as annoyed by /pol/ posters. Brown elves have nothing to do with black people. It's fine if you want to talk about raping elves, owning them as slaves or how elves are inferior for not being human. But the whole 'watch your back', committing hate crimes, and so on has nothing to do with elves. Take your real-life racism back to /pol/.

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Eeeh, anon that's so dirty! And I've got you saying it recorded on my phone~

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