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I think Yukarin should be proud to be an ancient and powerful youkai. It's part of her charm.

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Yukarin Yukarin Yukarin
I love you so much
Yukarin Yukarin Yukariiin
But why do I love you so much~?
My love for a character from a game seems to exceed my love for everything else. I can't return anymore, and that's just fine.

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Excuse me but this is Yukarin.
Who you posted is Yuukarin. There is a difference. Please let's try to avoid confusion next time

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This is nice.

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Because she's the strongest 2hu!

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Fair Lady Yukari!

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I listen to this once in a while before I go the gym.

I listen to these, if I'm feeling down.

Prismriver Sisters' Theme - Phantom Ensemble

Beethoven's 9th symphony has always been one of my top favorite compositions.

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she's just gorgeous. Although you could push it and say it's narcolepsy/sleeping fetish.

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Yukari is a young maiden.
Please don't be mean.

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Is there anything more erotic than Yukari speaking in French and resting her jugs on you?

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Read the Touhou article on EncyclopediaDramatica (lol) around the beginning of 2008. I think it was possibly a featured article on the front page because of the /a/ Touhou hijacks. Downloaded IN around April that year then by May I had bought a USB controller just for Touhou.

Patchouli was my first favourite, I think, just based on her look. When I learned more about canon it shifted to Yukari and hasn't changed since.

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She's not a hag you bad person! She is a mature young lady!!

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That's correct.
But you shouldn't forget that it's also a man's duty to swallow a beautiful woman's lies and bullshit.

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I have the feeling she'd leave raising me to Ran.

Also, do we keep our memories?

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>I like her, but I think if anything she gets too much.

Haha, no, she needs her own imageboards at least, one for sfw, other nsfw and a discussion board.

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Yukari can force Medicine head through her unexistant doll anus while forcing back the poison inside Medicine body through her inexistent doll nipples.
Don't ask how, she does, that's why we all love Yukari, our dear omnipotent devious and naughty gap Youkai.

Also only hipsters like Medicine.

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Loli Yukari is fine too but lady Yukari is best.

The only doujin I did like from that artist were Cirno, Remi and Udongein/Tei though.

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If Yukari could do that then why did she create Gensokyo?

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Implying flat/cow is the best option and not medium size.

Although, as OP says, Yukari is a special case who looks good in anything.

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TH1: As a child actress she started her career as a minor character named Elis.
TH2: Using the money she earned from her debut to the series, she finished school earning a bachelor's degree in applied science.
TH3-5: Eventually her criminally good looks earned her the role of the witch Marisa Kirisame. Although the sudden, unexplained change of hair color was often criticized, she gained wide acceptance among the fan base because of her superb acting.
TH6: She was forced to give up the role of Marisa Kirisame due to her losing the "lolita" factor which is crucial to the role(because of maturity). During this chapter of her career, she worked for the creative department.
TH7: The story demanded the appearance of a legendary character whose power is unmatched. Because of her elegant, regal look, she was offered the role of the legendary border youkai Yukari Yakumo, an offer she happily accepted. This marks her official return as an actress. She got her master's degree during this period.
TH7.5: She reprises her role as Yukari Yakumo, in a strange martial arts flick Immaterial and Missing Power.
TH8: Reprising the role of Yukari Yakumo, she teams up with the next generation Reimu Hakurei. This is the first time in many years that she have the role of a protagonist.
TH9: Due to the injury that befell her during a stunt in the Mokou fight scene, she was unable to participate in this flick. Instead she reintroduced a long-time friend, who reprises the role of Kazami Yuka, as an antagonist for the story.
TH10: Recovery was taking longer than expected. To make up for the lost time, she joined the creative team again.
TH10.5: She once again reprises her role as Yukari Yakumo for another martial arts flick Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.
TH11: Provided voice overs for the gem that Reimu Hakurei carries. She wrote the script herself for this particular scenario.

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