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Best girl Kikyou got shafted though.
Mama Holic's bodyguard sucks and a shame that they didnt give Kikyou more scenes instead given how close she is with MC already.
At least she got the most heartwarming end.

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>What are you playing?
Just finished LovexHolic side routes.
Mai route was hot but the end kind of left me with a sour feeling since the MC and Mai are cheating on poor Kuon, even worse when you have that scene in Kuon's Yuki Onna route where she allows the MC to fuck her mother. Poor ancient vampire ancestor getting cucked by his wife and his daughter being complicit of it.
Avril route was also kind of bitter with MC basically rendered helpless as Avril uses his magic to brain wash (No matter how much she dances around it) the entire world as he is stuck with her for all eternity as he doesnt really loves her but tries to "make up" for it by degrading Avril (Though she loves it).
Kinda a let down that they didnt use Seira's OPness to add some action but i guessMCs magic is that strong.
Kikyou was much better as despite MC trying to have some kind of power play he and Kikyou do really love each other, the only downside i can think was that it reveals she suffers constantly in the other routes and MC rejecting the 3 main girls. But the ending was nice and wholesome, we definitely need more heroine with a baby on her bossom endings.
Harem was nothing special, i miss their first games harem routes with decent lenght and many 3some scenes.
Overall i liked it but its probably one of the most "fucked up" B&B games.
Oh yeah also the ghouls not getting their own route sucks too.

>What are you looking forward to?
Iegami game starring Inaba. Loved the Iegami with Ukano. Hope the heroine is as good as Ukano and that she is able to shapeshift like Ukano did.

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