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Same problem as you have with the old grandfather paradox. If you remove the history of something entirely, you remove your own knowledge of it, thus making you unable to remove it in the future and making it not have been removed to begin with.
So even if Keine alters something "completely", she still has to leave knowledge of the original somewhere.

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Keine enjoys graphic detail.

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Yeah, but that's usually only if they're maids with similarities to dogs, or if they have folk beliefs surrounding the culinary uses for their liver.

Actually, I'd say Keine once a month Keine would be more likely to eat you.

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Although I tend to think that while Mokou / Keine goes for now, Keine eventually dying will leave Mokou and Kaguya both with a different point of view and eventually have them get over the grudge. And perhaps - maybe - live happily ever after.

After all, Keine can create history at will, so if she wanted she could easily arrange for that to happen.

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In this example, reading it as that Keine actually changes what has happened, not just the knowledge that it happened.


Okay, let's put it this way...
Let's say the village has the following basic parameters:

Founding date: Positive
Size: Positive
Appearance: Positive

When Keine changes the history of the village, she simply alters history so that the village was never founded, and so isn't there in present day.

Founding date: Negative
Size: Positive
Appearance: Positive

This is the only part that needs to be changed. Since the village isn't founded, there is no way to perceive the size or appearance of it - nothing hints that it ever could exist.

Reimu perceives the village in a purely physical sense. As the village was not founded, it's not there, so she obviously can't see it.
Yukari perceives the village in an abstract sense - she sees the parameters that describe the village.

Founding date: Negative - She sees that the village has not been founded.
Size: Positive - She sees that the village would have these dimensions if it had been founded.
Appearance: Positive - She sees how the village would appear if it had been founded.

To her, if a parameter that describes something is changed, it simply moves to the other side of the Y/N boundary.

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