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The next act is just Reimu and Marisa sitting near the torii, but it's no longer in color. This time, they both look "foreign," not just Reimu, and they're staring off blankly into space. They start talking with the same low audio quality, but now it's impossible to hear because there's a bass riff that comes in suddenly and just starts looping, making it so you can't hear anything else. But Reimu seems to be in pain, and Marisa is starting to sob. Apparently, my buddy's friend could just make out Marisa saying something like "don't let it through, don't let it come in" over and over again. This just repeats until the episode ends. All the while, the bass riff is getting more and more distorted, and after a few minutes, it just abruptly cuts to some super high frequency square wave.

I guess this made my friend's friend nauseous, so he left the room to vomit but came back as fast as he could so he wouldn't miss much. Since it was close to the 22 minute mark already, the episode had ended, but he caught a glimpse of the last image before the credits: just a still, black and white extreme closeup of Reimu's face. There was some very small text superimposed, but it seemed like the end of a larger portion of text, since the words just said "THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE." I guess the guy my friend knows tried to take the DVD with him, but a member of Maikaze confiscated and destroyed it before he could leave the building.

So I know there's probably a low chance I'll find anyone else who has heard of this, but I decided to ask here just in case. Anyone know any more details about this episode?

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Grimdark White-knuckle Thriller.

No rape though. I don't want to get raped.

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What is difference between opening portal to Gensokyo and suicide? There is difference but it's hard to notice it.

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Have a seat, /jp/

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