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you just have no taste pleblord

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Okayu really does have the best voice of any of the jp Hololive members. It's pure comfy.

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>paying $10 to be told you were just a quick stop because she has actual plans on Christmas Eve

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You're looking at this the wrong way. It's the exact opposite of NTR; the streamer would be a self-insert for every single individual chat member. It's like those super-bland MCs you see in tons of anime that serve purely to be liked equally be every single girl in the show while the audience says "woah, he's literally me!"

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I love my little apex predator!

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the only split that's happening is me from your favorite holo when I impregnate her and refuse to take responsibility

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Korone, I have a photo of it right here

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Try taking some L-theanine alongside it. It counteracts the bad parts of caffeine, turning it into an effective and cheap study drug.

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>NOOOOOOOOO she doesn't really mean it she's faking itttttttttt

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I'm happy Calli's becoming the norm. Tomboys slowly getting feminized is my ultimate fetish, and god-tier character development.

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I'm fine with it because I never watch her lmao

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Are you enjoying my livestream anon? Its okay, you can cum if you want to. I wont hold it against you

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This one

Also, not me

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Apologies fellas. You made the most kino colab so now make the worst colab including the game, length, and members.
Bonus points for what narrative it will spawn

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Was i in your dreams last night anon? Its okay, you can be honest around me

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Good night ame!

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I'll use my comfy cat for posting whatever I want.

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I want Okayu's jacket, it probably feels really nice and probably smells good too

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Pretty good anon, pretty fuckin good

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Absolutely, it's amazing. You should definitely give it a try.
If you end up not liking it, don't forget that you can still refund the game on Steam.

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>2 years
>zero scandals

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Its okay anon, you can say it, just let it out

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Dont reply to this post, okay anon?

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