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>board a train to Vienna
>sit next to a cute girl
>we both start reading
>ask her what she's reading
>"fifty shades of grey. it's about a student who has hardcore sex with a businessman, and there are a lot of explicit, erotic bits about BDSM. what about you?"
"oh, i'm reading a japanese comic about a guy who violently rapes elementary school students. it's pretty good."
>she freaks out
>calls train security
>they make me move to another carriage

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>go to europe
>no milk in tea

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OP here, okay we will never be in a platoon together, side by side. ;_;

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You know, I just got in a developmental psychology class and we have to raise a virtual child. SO I was all like "Fuck yeah! This will be just like Princess Maker!"

>My face when I got a son

Oh well, Baby Winston is going to grow up to be the coolest fucker ever.

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>mfw nico threads get deleted from /a/ and /jp/

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