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Dunno, exactly, but I can tell ya that in the several months I've practiced, going up from wiping out at an 8-9-7 playlist to being able to a 10-11-11-8 list in the modern system, I would estimate it took me about 50$ over that period.

Granted I only averaged about 2 rounds per week, and never actually did more than 3 rounds in a single cycle.

If I had to estimate based upon the other more avid players, at least one of them plays at least a half-dozen rounds each cycle I've seen them play, and have even seen them do Endymion twice, I would definately see them putting at least 20$ a week onto actual practice.

One of the pros did mention in a DDR documentary that they practiced six hours a day, three times a week.
Going on the presumption of 100 yen for a ~10 minute round, then a 10 min rest to let an other group at it, that comes to about ~6K yen per week. I would presume that the week to week amount would be lower more often for the biggest enthusiasts, given they of all people would take advantage of having their own cabinets, and would definitely take on some arcade credit diacounts.

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>Go faffing about clearing entry level stuff.
>"Jackpot chance! Hit every note to Win the progressive!"
>Suddenly Flower EXT starts to play.

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