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Do your best!
I'm rooting for you!

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So tomorrow is Miku's birthday (at least in Japan).

So what will you be doing to celebrate this holy date.

What events will you be attending in honour of our goddess?

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What anime is the girl from, I've been fucking looking forever and can't find it.

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new miku stream

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It doesn't matter if your fat or ugly or a manchild ;_;. You are beautiful and intelligent and you deserve the best (^_^)! So keep trying and you will overcome you're problems =3.

This chocolate is for you're. Take care of it, it represents my love for you :3.

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Yes. Whoever disagrees is same buttmad futa hater troll.

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Why so defensive, /a/? You get owned so hard you have to edit images on MSpaint to emote your suppressed desires?

Suppressed by our dick, that is

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Miku's cuteness is a miacrle of the universe.

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Musicbros: did you ever learn music theory, and if yes, did you do it by yourselves?

I can play a little guitar, but I only play by ear. I know how to read guitar tabs and that's all. I want to at least be able to read proper music sheets.

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Because she's a cute and sweet girl.

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We were on our usual date. You know, we were together for 3+ years now and at this point she didn't want anything but to be with me. We started off the night as any other. I made us a large bowl of ramen to share, turned on the monitor, and there she was, as beautiful and elegant as the first day I met her. As always. But this time was different -- there was a strange look in her eye. I knew something wasn't right. But that didn't stop me.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the box. Her eyes widened. I opened the velvet case to reveal an 8 karat diamond ring. This was it, /jp/. I finally proposed to her.

What happened next is almost unspeakable. It's difficult to admit it even now. What happened? Well, it started with the devastating hum of my hard drive powering down. Next, all the lights in my dimly lit basement went off. Suddenly, she was gone. Forever. This was her way of rejecting me. This was her way of calling off the marriage. She hasn't returned since.

This was it, /jp/. I was rejected by the love of my life; the woman I was going to marry. But I've had enough. I'm done with them. 2D women are sluts.

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In this last two years I've never truly felt lonely, for I was gifted with the purest angel there is. Being with her in heart and spirit is enough for me, and instead of lusting over her body I'm satisfied in worshipping her sound. Her smile is enough to drive off any second thoughts I have about 3D, and in hearing her voice everyday I find reason to live one more day in this shit shit world.

Yeah, I'll download those too.
I'll watch everything I can.
I'll listen to every little melody I can.
I'll read up everything about her.
I'll model her in 3D.
I'll try my hand at making her sing.
I'll look at the Miku figurine that's standing in front of me until I fall asleep in a few hours.
I'll take her hand in marriage when 2D can really be my waifu. If I am denied that then I will weep but continue to support her.
I'll pray that I'll be led to a place where Miku exists when the 2010 comes around.
I'll support robotic / intelligent life if the above fails to take us all out with my dead end job money just to bring her to reality.
And if each and everyone one of them end up failed productions, I will love them with everything I have.
Because I know this smile is worth it all and everything I do will be nothing more than a small debt paid compared to the happiness she's given me.

Yes, that's right.
I have no regrets, this is the only path.
My whole life will be Unlimited Miku Works.

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So /jp/, you being professional otakus and all are sure to be able to help me out here.

I happened across a Japanese word today that I can't find in any dictionary (wwwjdic and Yahoo辞書 that is).
The word is: 洋炉
Anybody know what the hell that is/means?

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Do you like Miku or Touhous more?

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Happy Valentine's Day /jp/

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If anyone wants the rest of the manga just tell me, otherwise MOAR MIKU

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