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>Tewi: Play a prank on me please!

Tewi: You have to do something for me first. Find me a henway.

>Yukari: Sing a song please!

Yukari: Maybe you could ask Kikuko Inoue to do that for you?

>Can any of you force Reimu to open up that link between Earth and Gensokyo? Please?

Yukari: That's my job, not Reimu's. And it's never *really* been closed. There's always been holes, here and there, in the barrier... it's more fun that way!

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Mokou bump.

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Warning: the difficulty, particularly later on, is roughly comparable to running head-on into a brick wall.

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I won't die alone. I have my waifu.

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I've been looking for an excuse to post this.

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