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this is what trump tried to tell us

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and if i dont wanna?

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That is deeply depressing

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Korone and Okayu look like hags.

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God mori comes off so awkward with the other girls god damn it what the fuck was that interaction with Kiara just now

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nah i like lamys voice and i've been here for a few months....

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I wish Kayano is my mom, Nakahara my aunt, Taneda my wife, Rumi and Ari Ozawa my wife sister and Minyami and Hashi my imouto.

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>Oomsest crashes every time when casting wizard's harvest
No small medals for me I guess.

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Life sucks as a EOP nojya~
I'm missing out on pretty much everything nojya~
I watch streams I don't understand nojya~

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