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I like to imagine that Mokou fights with Kaguya due to a twisted desire to become or possess that which her father wanted. However over time, as her family disappeared, her body changed so drastically, and she found herself in a new world it changed into a desperate attempt to maintain her sense of identity. So she overacts her grudge against Kaguya as that relationship is all she has left of who she was.
I like to imagine Kaguya is emotionally deadened after spending her time as a doll, simply shipped around for admiration amongst the courtiers and surrounded by aloof genius types. Being mostly isolated for centuries with few new experiences she has become wholly jaded and has no motivation. But Mokou always attacks her with emotions flaring, so she provokes the girl, living vicariously through those emotional outbursts, leaving the two of them in a twisted dependence, beating back the pathos of eternity.

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>Mokou crying her lover's name in ecstasy.
Feels good man.

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It's from one of the Tohonifun - World. World is part of a larger series though, so mind reading it out of order.
This image is from Tohonifun - Kaguya vs Mokou.
And before anyone asks this is from [ERA FEEL]Drizzle of Mystery, Beam of Eternity.
I forget what this is from. Too lazy to dig for it.

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Grimsokyo has many advantages. They can still be in love, while loving only like crazed Gods can.

Speaking of Crazed Gods. I've not yet finished Tohonifun's Kyubi series. It provides a radically different picture of Ran.

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Because hatesex is the bestsex.

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One of the defining symptoms of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

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No smex but Kaguya VS Mokou has some blazin' yandere.

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She was looking at me so murderously, I couldn't help but love her.

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"You know I love it when you do that!"

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Tohnoifun's Kaguya is the best Kaguya. Prove me wrong.

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