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Black Lagoon will be on hiatus forever because Rei Hiroe is too busy being a fag and drawing Touhou futa doujins.

I hope you're happy /jp/.

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/jp/ is it just me or have things just gotten boring and old? NO good vns are coming out, video games are boring, I watched all the best anime from 1975 to now. there is just nothing fun anymore. Im even started watching real tv and watching the walking dead. there is just nothing magical any more. I wish there was some long good romance anime like they had in the good old days that would go on for 100 eps like maison or orange road. everything is short and there is not enough time to develop the characters. why is nobody really giving it there all on vn translations anymore? remember when there was always a good line up of vns coming out? Shouldn't translation projects be increasing? And why is everything going so slow and being wasting on not so exciting titles? Im just ranting but anybody feel like things are just not picking up and just boring? I mean things like Mahōtsukai no Yoru not going anywhere or all those tons of good old and new vns not being translated. most of the translators have been stuck on the same shit for months going nowhere.

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So whats thew deal with aroducs project? think it will come out this week? Also what other projects might come out soon? it seems like it gonna be a while till new stuff.. Also i thought the I/O translation would go super fast, wonder whats going on... Also is that one vn that takajun is doing fully completed yet? i never gave it a chance. is it fun?

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Did you guys feel like nothing happened this summer..
like we were missing something..
No umineko anymore..
no vns came out till now.. at the very end of the summer..
Am i the only one who thinks this summer just wasn't interesting enough? remember when you found a certain anime that you watched that really made the summer special, that is was so good for once you cried? like watching sdf macross or maison ikkoku or reading a vn that really took you a whole summer like fate stay night or tuskhime? remember the summers when almost every week something new came out? this summer was fucking weak man, fucking weak.... The translators were all slow, anime is dead and i have watched all the good shit. this summer just didnt sit right with me, there just wasn't enough to go around. anybody else feel this way?

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/jp/ is never 7 coming out today? im really bored and i cant get myself to do or finish anything... what is wrong with me..

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/jp/ why the fuck is the summer so boring and slow?
vn translators slow down to a halt for no reason and no projects get picked up, no video game releases at all... why does this happen in summer? shouldn't people have more free time to translate vns and make video games or localize them? I mean look at the 3ds and vita, no fucking games are coming here, when they should be overflowing from japan. why does summer suck so much when it comes to this stuff?

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Im tired of trying /jp/..
I dont want to go back to college..
Im only getting a shitting liberal arts degree and i have no goals in life or anything.. but i cant just quit because of my family..
I want to just give up and run away.

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good night /jp/

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/jp/ im really bored.., i cant get myself to watch any anime like LOTGH ep 56 and there are no vns to play right now... Also i always get the feeling playing video games is a waste of precious time as i play them and i already played total war and persona 1 all day.. what are you guys doing?

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No you fucking nigger. It's just you. Stop using first person plural.

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Going to work at peapod,at stop and shop and suffer at only making 7.50 an hour ..
See ya /jp/... the dream is over for me, its been 8 years but it couldn't last.

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Im 21 today.. no Driver's license,no job, no girlfriend, never had sex or a girlfriend.. i take prozac because of panic attacks...
What is the main age group on /jp/ anyway..
I think it use to be 20-40 but that was back in 09.
how much has it changed? Am i considered old here now?

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Im bored..

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