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Do you think that Yukari could manipulate the boundary so that there are multiple Gensokyos or multiples of the same Touhou so that we each get our own Gensokyo/Favorite Touhou? Multiple versions of herself even?

If so, then Yukari is truly one of the best, if not the best, Touhous out there.

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Had plans to get this turned into a poster and pin it up right next to my bed. Haven't got around to it yet.

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Why doesn't moot just delete /jp/ and make a Touhou board?
He'd call it...

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The rudest.

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AKA The Owl and the Pussy Cat.

What makes Yukari so endearing to the Hikikomori? The fact that she's one of the Quater Lifers who lives at home, does a begrudingly shitty job at work, and leads a carefree if obliviating existence.

That makes her Hikikomori-Sexy. Why? Because of the self destructive potential of it all...

A night with Yukari could be a night of excess...drinking, cussing, fucking, and a morning of no regrets. An empty morning, but one with no regrets. No kids, no settling down, no ruts. Just marching lockstep into her 3000s with no real stable life plan other than just keeping up with the status quo. However long it may last. The last time she saw Ran and Chen was damning in and of itself...the girls graduated but to Yukari...just another day. Centuries of memories...and...hey; see ya, good bye, so long and thanks for all the fish.

The nihilism of the 20s...the dawning of the 30s....This is sexy to a Hikikomori, especially one of self imposed exile. The horrors of war, the smell of cordite and rotting flesh, the feel of talcum sand...enough to drive any man to isolation, but for Yukari I'd certainly slap on some Pomeade, put on my cleanest AC-LIGHTNING BOLT-DC t-shirt and least wrinkled slacks for Miss Yukari.

She might even let me come in her.

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not bad for a non loli

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yukari san

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more frostings

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It's true, but the AK47 has something else. There is a sort of cult of violence surrounding it and its imagery that people take for granted and don't really question much. Michael Hodges' AK47 pretty much nails it - it's the only modern weapon that an overwhelming lot of people in the supposedly scientific and secularised Western world treat in a completely irrational way and attribute with supernatural abilities.
Okay, maybe not the only one. Nuclear weapons fall in a similar category, and those fall even closer to possible tsukumogami territory since nuclear weapons are invariably assembled individually.
SCP does have a note on something that could be interpreted as a nuclear missile tsukumogami, so the idea isn't new. But that is another story.


It's true. But at the same time, the exact difference between mass produced items and hand crafted items is somewhat fluid depending on the time and circumstances. For example, the first things you find in any archeological excavation are usually smashed pottery. Today, pottery is considered an art form and household items sculpted from clay are something of an artful luxury with designer brands and all. But in antiquity, those same items were considered perishable.
Same goes for plenty of other handmade items made up until and sometimes through the industrial revolution. For example, as tsukumogami karakasa are almost always depicted as being severely worn and torn, clearly not having been treated as cherished and unique possessions to be preserved. Touhou shows that part rather clearly - Kogasa's ascension to tsukumogami was simply due to being discarded and forgotten.

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>So what if she's trying to kill me, deep down inside she's still a gentle lovely maiden.

You, sir, are a poor fool. She's not a maiden. She's not even a woman. It's a monster. A youkai. A demon. It has no sexual orientation. The woman before you is just a facade used to lure foolish humans, especially men, into a false sense of lust and security. It's true form is that of madness.

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I want Yukari to stomp into my room, ass rotund like a bouncy castle, ready to break my weak mind with what a real woman is capable of. She'll take me to places sexually I've never even imagined. Sit on my face. Force me to kiss their feet. Tease me, softly mock me but then tenderly hold me through the night and whisper with love as we drink some fine wine then fall sleep in each other's arms.

In the morning I'll have romantic delusions of being with her forever, of her being "the one", but then she'll suck another man's dick and time it so I come home while she's doing it. As she's pulling his throbbing cock into her mouth she'll look at me and wink -- and even with the girth in her mouth I'll know she's at least smiling at me - no, laughing at me - in her head. As I stand there in silence and shock this other dude will blow his load all over her face then stand fucking her bulging tits. "Wow", she moans, "I've never had one this big..."

I will go home and cry then fap like the faggot I am.

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I want Yukari to tie me to her bed with the sheets, then spend an hour or two teasing me and stroking my cock with her feet. Then she'd lay next to me, with the scent of my precum filling the air. She'd be on her back and start pleasuring herself, almost reaching climax then stopping. She'd rub from her tits down to her clitoris, knowing she's driving me crazy.

She'd put a chocolate in her mouth, get on her knees and hover over me, then passionately french kiss me. During the kiss she'd push the chocolate into my mouth with her tongue, pull my throbbing cock inside her and feel the force of an exploding orgasm as she screams and clenches the bedsheets, untying me. I'd get up and cum all over her back, then we'd drink some wine and lovingly fall asleep in each other's arms

In the middle of the night, Ran would come into the room and find us sleeping. She'd smile, pull the sheets over us, give Yukarin a peck on the cheek and leave

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fu fu fu~ ♥

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