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Threesome with Sealing club

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Don't worry. I'm sure those two are well-adjusted individuals. They're probably just playing a prank on you.

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Merry is very cute

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Isn't it part of their background stories that neither Renko nor Maribel have any other friends besides each other? University students, yet friendless. They're the kind of weirdo outcasts who wouldn't know the first thing about comfortably befriending someone on purpose, let alone being in a romantic relationship with someone.

Kinda like me.

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Mary Suenari's style is goddamn neato

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What happens if Maribel and Renko get to Gensokyo?

Does it get destroyed?

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This game should be about Maribel and Renko

Not disgusting lunarian fucking shits

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What do they plan on doing if they ever find Gensokyo?

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