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its hers

I've told her what I've wanted to do with myself since I was 10 and she told me to wait untill a certain time till she thought it would be safe even thouhg counteless doctors told her "no do it now" and now my bonestructure is the exact opposite i want it to be.

this is something I've shown signs of wanting since I was 4, and hell she may have indoctrinated me into wanting it with all of her talk of "oh I wish I could have a daughter" and how she would SUGGEST for me to try on her makeup and stuff (once again was 4).

any other sort of thing my brothers and my father can pick up on instantly, hell even people at my work who don't even know me well can pick up on things... my mother cannot, even if I give large hints if not telling her outright.

I respect her as an athority figure as I live under her house (even if its overpair rent with helping look after my brothers) but I do not like her as a person, and alot of the time I'm very on and off for how I treat her because my thoughts bounce between all the good she has done for me and all of the bad that feels like it was purposfuly done alot of the time

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Fucking Japanese console peasants who still use Windows ME and XP.

>emails from Japanese stores and websites tell me to make sure I have updated to at least the second Windows XP service pack
>in 2013

I hope the failfest that is the next generation of consoles brings Japan kicking and screaming into the 21st century in regards to computers.

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What is with all the shitposting all of a sudden these past few days. I thought these types of people left. dont tell me its some sort of plot to destroy and brainwash /jp/ again like 2010. I wont let that nightmare happen again.

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Whatever do you mean?

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Thats not me.

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That's one of the good things about her.

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actual ingame text, you dumbfuck

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Tokiko is never sex starved. She gets enough regular dickings.

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> my face when thread

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I don't know, can you?

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I know what Kansas is. I just thought it was strange because you don't hear about people coming from Kansas here very often.

Also, I have an Anonymous friend from Kansas and I haven't seen him as much as I used to 'round these parts.

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Could you at least try to post Yuuka?

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