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Something similar happened at my school, every girl I knew was having sex frequently at that age. The guys were semi-professional sports players twice their age who used to practice in the field next to the school, so after classes they would pick up them up at the gate and take them to their homes to fuck them. I'm pretty sure every guy in that team took the virginities of at least 20 or 30 girls. I remember being 13 when 9/11 happened and learning about islam on TV and how jihadists kill themselves just to have sex with virgins in paradise and thinking that since so few guys get to take a girl's virginity it's no surprise there are entire religions built around with hundreds of millions of men thinking it's something you only get to experience in heaven.

this is why every time I'm playing eroge and I get a sex scene and there's no blood I quit and uninstall the game, makes me sick

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Whoa! Marisa wants to become a woman!

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