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Don't forget that she killed her best friend to attain Youkai Status.

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Amoral/immoral women who know what they want from you, have the power to take it from you, and the brains to out-maneuver and outsmart you at every turn, to have you powerless against them and their will, are hot. If she's especially attractive, even better. She's mature (as in appearance) and powerful, which would make being rendered an object or tool by her just as fun and erotic as doing the same to her. It makes being both the top and the bottom equally desirable. Women without restraints are sexy.
Bad grills are hot.

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>Evil won't win forever, anon. Everything has to end eventually. That includes Yukari. And considering how much pain and suffering she caused. It won't be a pleasant end either.
Yukari is a savior to her people. Any other person in her position would have done the same.

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i love you curry

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