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Light remains dead and hottest current shit from Masada is Kokubyaku no Avesta and no, translation never for EOPkeks

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They are not considered as additional Commandments but as additional powers, the downside of Saoshyant Desatir to balance out this "cheat" Commandment is that Varhram has no control on how the plundered powers will suit him, they can become weaker, be disposable or even useless altogether.

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How could he be Aka Manah when Magsarion was already an Ashavan while Aka Manah gained the status of Demon King after Varhram's demise?
Also, Vohu Manah's divine eyes would've seen that a freaking Demon King was on it, furthermore, Aka Manah's domain, Jahi, is in the opposite direction of Wahman Yast.

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