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Hatate attracts the most degenerate fucking artists for some reason

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final cont.
>天知る 地知る 我知る 人知る (Heaven Knows, Earth Knows, I Know, You Know)
Eiki's "motto" in PoFV. Yama use their mirror to expose the past life of a person, so their sins are always known and cannot be hidden. The expression comes from the collection of biographies "後漢書 (Book of the Later Han)" in which the knowledgeable Yang Zen states "天知、神知、我知、子知 (heaven knows, the gods know, I know, and you know)" when a friend of his wants to keep a secret (the saying basically states that secrets don't exist and everything will be figured out eventually).
Music Theme
>六十年目の東方裁判 ~Fate of Sixty Years (Eastern Judgment in the Sixtieth Year ~ Fate of Sixty Years)
The theme references the incident that happens to Gensokyo every sixty years in which a event in the Outside World causes souls to overflow into Gensokyo, leading to them to inhabit flowers and cause them to bloom prematurely. 東方裁判 (Touhou Saiban lit. "Eastern Judgment") could be a reference to 東京裁判 (Tokyo Saiban lit. "Tokyo Judgment"), the Japanese name for the Tokyo Tribunal/Tokyo Trial, a military trial against the leaders of the Empire of Japan that took place on April 29, 1946 in order to convict them of war crimes and crimes against humanity. As stated before, PoFV was released and takes place almost exactly one year after WWII, implying that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the cause of the previous sixty year cycle event.
>楽園の最高裁判長 (Supreme Judge of Paradise)
Supreme Judge = Yama
Paradise = Gensokyo
>口うるさい有難いお話 (NaggingHelpful Lecture)
Eiki's lectures are said to be long, boring, and annoying.
>地獄の最高裁判長 (Supreme Judge of Hell)
Self explanatory.

Now, finally, her design. Eiki wears a dark blue top with a black skirt. The dark blue top has a "mandarin collar" (the generic name for a Chinese shirt with a noticable notch on the collar) probably because Japan's depiction of the yama came from China. Her undershirt is a white long sleeve and peppered throughout her outfit are juxtaposing red and white ribbons. These ribbons birth and death (in Japanese culture, white is the color of death and red is the color of birth). Her white undershirt and black skirt also serve as motif of the "black vs. white"/"wrong vs. right" theme that emphasizes her status as a yama judge. Her hat is just the typical headwear of yama with frills added and she has golden shoulder pads that serve to bolster her high status. Usually, the hat of a yama is supposed to have the character for king (王) on it but Eiki's hat has a scale (a traditional symbol of judgment and the symbol of Lady Justice) on it. Her top is dark blue because ZUN probably wanted to make her invoke the image of a police officer or other law enforcement official. She's carrying her Rod of Remorse, the Touhou name for a yama's shaku. It looks like gibberish but the rod contains characters that are legible, 非 (which means "wrong"). Since you write notes on shaku, Eiki probably wrote down the sins or wrongdoings of a person on there. I could only make out that and what looks to be 乂 ("cut/mow" or "subdue/govern"). I have no idea what the other symbols read or if they're supposed to represent kanji at all. It seems Eiki was originally supposed to be Enma-O but ZUN retconned that with PMiSS and OSP in which Komachi states that Eiki was a just a Jizo statue in the past and not the actual Jizo Bosatsu like Enma-O actually is.
Medicine is always nice. I'll do this one next then.
Okina is extremely complicated and is possibly the character with the most background/lore ever and she's new. I'll do it when I have time, probably after Medicine.

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Off-topic; all images and discussion should pertain to light and visual novels, figures and other otaku paraphernalia, Tohou Project, doujin works and music, NEET lifestyle, and diverse niche Japanese interests (kigurumi, idols, mahjong, tea).

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I understand going to school makes EVERY WEEKEND seem more distant than it really is, but seriously?

Have some awesome on-topic blogging threads you can "blow some steam off" in!
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>>>/r9k/2065382 (Combination of all above)

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Whoop-dee-doo, so she has the best flesh-colored tubes.

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She lectures me for 23 hours.
then we fuck during the last hour
then i get sent to hell

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What are the markings on Shikieiki's shoulderpieces? Are they just random designs? Or are they actual kanji?

Can't seem to find anything official besides this.

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I'd like to note that the Touhou fanbase can be pretty intolerable towards new members or changes.
But anyway:

Sikieiki Yamaxanadu:
Judge of the Dead. Uses her mirror rod to judge souls based on their deeds. She is fair and equal when making these judgements, regardless of human society's norms. She is of average height with green hair and wears complex garments.
Poorly depicted in fanon.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that her skills in danmaku are pretty good. And picture if you have not seen her yet.

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Saged, Called cops, Reported, Hidden.

Tell no to autism and offtopic on /jp/

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hey /jp/ Im terrible scared but Im going to leave my apartament today just to do "good deed" for my father. Do you think yamaxanadu would accept it ?

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