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Oh man, that's a neat idea, it should be a thing.
After breakup, if you choose to bottle her tears make a combat/trait check, reduced by genuine affection and maybe total time you've been together. If you fail she pushes you away and runs off. And the item itself should give you all your vigor and around 50% of sta/ene back in addition to fully lubing up your next lover.

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Bloody hell man this shit is getting so insane.

First with this seditious lunarian aristocrat ~ moriya shrine conspirators and now we're going to war because some asshole whacked us and shot a trademark out of the cesspool twitter and now we can't use yukkuris.

Now everyone's getting Fear and Loathing nuts in the touhou paradise /jp/, some anon sending bomb threats like some v for vendetta shit.

The devastation we're seeing is unparalleled. It's getting on the news and shit. This is the worst touhou hijack to ever happen, well if you like /a/ and the /a/ hijack that's a different story.

But anyways, this is bullshit man, why this garbage happening? Because of the dubs? Or off by one so it's not quads? Comfort me /jp/ please

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The pandemic lockdown has hit Gensokyo hard. Depression and poverty has reached unseen levels.

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Maybe if she didn't have much a materialistic personality, Marisa would have turned out a better, more likeable person.

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I just spent $160 on the three retail fumos.
why is this shit so expensive?
i wouldn't recommend zenmarket. they mistook my fumos for being duplicates and cancelled the order, making me wait for a long time, and then they 'accidentally' cancelled 2 of my girls and only sent one and made me pay for domestic shipping twice.

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Little known fact that Marisa is a rape baby and Marisa’s mother wanted to have an abortion but the Kirisame family demanded an heir. So Marisa’s mother was forced to give birth to her, and Marisa turned out to be a failure because of having been born a girl. So with the shame of Marisa’s mother unable to produce a male heir along with seeing her rapist’s face whenever she looks at child Marisa, she was left incredibly traumatized. After going off the deep end and attempting to murder her own daughter for ruining her life, she ended up committing suicide. And as revenge for not being a boy and driving his wife to suicide, Marisa’s father disowned and abandoned her in the middle of the Forest of Magic.

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Sad touhou thread

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This very much, my inability to accomplish anything meaningful by societal standards has mirrored itself in my hobbies and it's awful. It took me 3 months to learn hirigana and katakana, I'll be long dead before I ever learn enough Japanese to be able to read even the most basic of stories.

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Would you cheer Marisa up, /jp/?

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Marisa is a cu... what? In tears? What did you do to her, /jp/?

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I never understood this joke ;_;

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I used to be really good with MarisaB, but now I just can't beat Reimu's needles- they seem even more powerful than MarisaA's magic missiles.

When I try to use Marisa now, I always win p underestimating her speed

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Whoa! Marisa is sad!

What did you do /jp/?

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