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>She's probably cold..!
Since she's undead, Remi's body must feel ice cold. Sleeping next to her would be like sleeping next to a little dead girl. No body heat and no pulse! Would you still let Remi in your bed?

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Would you comfort her and let her sleep in your bed after a nightmare /jp/?

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My family is half and half, i don't exactly hide them everytime they come over to visit (they aren't on display but i don't throw em under the bed or some shit) they are where they are.

Dad surprisngly doesn't give a shit and is always saying "it's just guy stuff" or "i used to have posters of naked women all the time when I was younger".

Mom on the other hand is the one that seems disapointed, she is the kinda mom that's either pestering me about grand childeren or pestering me about finding me a wife. It actually got to a point where she came over with boxes and planned to toss em, we didn't talk for quite awhile after that.

Really they are comfy as fuck, and it's just nice to hold one after a bitch of day, your life is yours, you want em you keep em.

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Yeah I could see her as a cute tsundere, though I'm partial to yandere if I were to pick deres.

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Turns out changing your system locale to Japan fixes it.

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Patchy looks so comfy

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I love Remilia. Like Mokou though, I think she's desensitized to pain. In Silent Sinner In Blue, she touches Patchouli's forcefield around the rocket, turning her finger black, but she doesn't seem to care. Nevertheles, I would never want to hurt my mistress. It'd be slow, romantic and loving between the two of us.

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As long as you're improving

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