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It's not necessary, but highly recommended. In my opinion Fake Azure Arcology is a better game, and that's with all the references and relations between the two that enhance the second one.

You only really need to play one route though. Well, unless you end up choosing best girl. Then the final epilogue for her requires you to skip through the others, or get a full save. The story is the same, more or less. The main heroine is a pretty clear main heroine though.

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You have no taste. But yeah, I guess his stuff won't appeal to moege fans much. You gotta like his protags, and that he actually doesn't remove their problems as soon as a cute girl appears.

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Dude, you talked about asshole (usually meaning: selfish) protagonists who cheat on their girlfriend. Not about love triangles. And the former is simply usually stuff that's more about lewds than anything else.

Love triangles are rare in VNs though. Usually all heroines sorta fly on the MC in SOME way, meaning if you want to see them liking the protag romantically you can, but you don't have to. But some games do focus a bit more on two major heroines. The only problem is: Recent VNs really absolutely hate to show anything about a heroine losing. Sometimes you get a small bone thrown. But like real clashes between the characters and having the losing heroine not get completely shafted is not easy to find, if you want newer games. To be fair, it's also because you'd need to do this in all routes and with all girls, if you take a typical harem situation.

Given that you also kinda want the main heroines (and not kinda side-heroines) in such a situation, it's a bit hard for me to rec much. (i.e. Daitoshokan kinda falls outa this because of that) But maybe something like Golden Hour could work, even though it's no true love-triangle. It is however a "stay on the main way, or go with one of the heroines on the way and call it quits" things. Protag also has an ex, with a route of course.

If you go with older stuff as well, Fake Azure Arcology is quite nice. The typical "MC and childhoodfriend had some issues and then the new hot girl appears to throw everything out of order" thing.

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I honestly don't think you need to go that far, but yes, a lot of VNs are incredibly weird in that regard. Some writers find a better compromise here.
The girls don't need to hate each other or anything either. They can even be friends and rivals at the same time. They'll still need to say what they may bottle up every now and then though, and that can very well be at the protag as well.

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