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That's hot

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Could be, but a human sized object hanging on your neck is hard to not notice. So while you might not feel pain, the fact that a vampire is sucking your blood might lead to shock and terror if it's involuntarily, rather unenjoyable feelings. So reaction with or without pain could be relatively similar.

Could high testosterone lead to a clit dick? I know that is a thing with steroids, but oni physiology probably can take those hormones naturally better. Onis also likely can deal with how alcohol makes the blood thinner better, atleast we don't have any sources that claim that onis have difficulties with making kids. Yuugi being rather tall and massive gives her a huge amount of blood, I think a doctor once told me you have around 75ml of blood per kg, so a 7 feet tall 150kg Yuugi would have 11.75 litres of blood, or 3.1 gallons. That's a lot and by going larger the rest of your body in contrast to your genitals increases much more. Now this all might mean fucking nothing and the best way to go about this is to look if there is a study about the changes in womens genitalia when becoming buff. Or looking at muscle women porn, but that is a rather unnatural testing field.

I know, I just imagine the slut frog that way. I'm not even sure if gods can't just simply choose a form they want to be. Which would make the whole theorycrafting pointless because then you could aswell just say "the one you draw the puffiest.".

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Tewi is a dick to people, but her body was made for sex.

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Why would you fuck a troll in the first place is beyond me.

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