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I guess I should explain myself.

OP is a good post because it's a remembrance of /jp/'s past where you could make as inane a thread as you wanted without feeling guilty about, an age with no /s4s/, /trash/, /qa/ or /bant/ to serve as shitpost gathering grounds. It harkens back to the old adage of "it's /jp/ related if it has a Touhou". It's almost endearing in how childish it is. Also, OP was cheeky when choosing the filename since its Unix time is from 1970, so that's another nice detail.

Meanwhile, >>18295088 has a Momiji with a MAGA hat edit, which is like putting a neon sign with NEWFAG written on it while sucking on a dragon dildo with the word CROSSBOARDER on it. Not happy with that, he falls on the classic trap of announcing sage as if that were a bad thing, on /jp/! Making his sage even more useless is that he did it while the thread was in page one, so the sage did effectively nothing. Still, making a post just to announce you're saging shows you don't understand why sage is used, and thus don't understand /jp/'s culture.

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I think this is all of them. Hope you enjoyed it.

Takanon please come back.

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What does /jp/ love the most about Tanako?

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