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>anonymous 4ch dweeb

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>Buy a PC game today
>Inside is a slip of paper with a download code and nothing else

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>she's now happily married

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Well there goes my home. Thank you very much for the investment advice.

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>found my old posts on /a/ djt archives

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coco deserves another 3 week vacation for this meme review

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all my javfus retired in 2016 and I haven't found anyone else since

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>60% mature is brain damage tier.

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I've spent days on Kanji study. This shouldn't be too hard.

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So 90% is meant to be the standard anki pass %?

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I wish I could get better at mahjong. (Kind of a repost, but I'm still frustrated)
Online mahjong is just so fast. Getting a feel for the tiles is impossible when the time that transpires between your turn and your next one is usually around 5 seconds.
I have now more than 300 games played, and I have made zero improvement in tile reading compared to the very first day I played.

I'm not expecting some Akagi-tier foresight, but shit, I don't think a normal japanese player who practiced irl with friends is supposed to be this clueless after months playing.

It feels less like I'm playing against other players, and more like I'm playing a one-player mahjong in which sometimes I will lose at complete random when the RNG wills it.

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