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Call her intelligent, and defend her from those who call her otherwise.

And no, frostbite shouldn't work that way.

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teh strongest!

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Room: 4Slide

ITT, we play Skissa, and post pics of crappy drawings in here.

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Meiling looks impressed by your survival of that, with eyes wide she listens. Cirno looks a bit bored, and slightly unimpressed. "Why didn't you fight pack? You humans are so boring, couldn't you just fly away?"

"Most humans cannot fly, Cirno." Meiling replied defensively.


[ ] "Hey, I am not boring!"

[ ] "Please, don't fight."

[ ] "Don't worry, next time, I'll be armed!"

[ ] Remain silent

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You resolve to find Cirno instead, giving Keine some alone time. You find in the living room, idly playing with some thread boredly. Upon seeing you, her face practically lights up, and she leaps forward to give you a chilly hug. "Hey! Human! We're going somewhere else now? We explore, do something else fun?" She flutters a bit off the ground, clearly excited and not picking up on any seriousness of the situation.

[ ] "Sure, Cirno." You smile at her and ruffle her hair. "Take me somewhere, alright? Your choice."

[ ] "Let's try to attack the moon people again! We can't fail twice!"

[ ] "Do you have somewhere else you could show me, Cirno?"

[ ] "How about we go say Hello to your neighbors? I'm sure they're worried about you." You suggest

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[X] "Yeah, Cirno." You say, relieved. "Let's go."

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Fuck it! You're tired of sleeping! You're not going to spend your time in Gensokyo -sleeping-. You already did enough of that in real life. Pushing past Keine, you make for the door. She turns as you flee with a shocked "What?!", But you're already zooming down the hall. You grab the pack on your way out, and flee through the village. Screw this! Where do you go now? Keine will be in short pursuit, and you're not sure you could talk your way out of this predicament. There are several places you could try to go.

[ ] You think you know where Alice's house is. Proceed back to the Forest of Magic now that you can find your way there.

[ ] Go back to the lake surrounding the Scarlet Devil Mansion; Even if you can't find Cirno there, Meiling might be helpful.

[ ] Talk to Marisa. Perhaps she'll help you?

[ ] Okay, so Reisen kicked your ass once, but she can't be heartless, can she? Run once more for the Bamboo Forest! Maybe Cirno's still out there!

[ ] Ask for directions to the Hakurei shrine, then set off there. Reimu must be helpful, right? She's a shrine maiden and stuff!

[ ] Huh, maybe you should just go back to Keine and try to placate her before it's too late...

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It's Cool & Icy. Ӟ

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"Um. Hello." Is the best you can manage to blurt out, before her childishly wide eyes turn to you from the frog in slight surprise, causing the ice surrounding it to crack and shatter, the unfortunate frog very, very dead now.

"Oopsie." She says, looking at the shards. "Now look at what you did, you silly human." She frowns, cutely. However, the sudden coldness of the air as she approaches you is far, far less cute. "I think you should be punished, for being so mean as to make me break my amusement." She reaches out to you, with a such a chilling hand you can FEEL it, and she hasn't even touched you.

[ ] Run Away

[ ] "Sorry! I had to talk to such a pretty fairy! Uh, uh..."

[ ] Scream

[ ] "Get back, cold bitch!" Promptly pick up a convient, hefty nearby branch and hit her with it. She's smaller than you.

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