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Among many things, including pet lover and taking care of her princess.

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Eirin likes her enough to be trapped by her immortal beauty. That's enough.

How does it feel Eirin fans? She is eternally obsessed with keeping her Princess happy and beautiful. There is nothing she wouldn't do for her and Kaguya can't help but capture the hearts of men and women alike with her unnatural beauty.

She caught the heart of the most useful person in Lunar society. Now she can relax forever and get bored with everything bit by bit, ignoring the silly politics of the Lunar capitol.

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Girls being girls?

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Probably true, though again Eirin is a genius chemist, it wouldn't surprise me if she had ways to artificially reproduce/maintain that purity. It wouldn't surprise me if you could cleanse the impurities, otherwise I can't imagine Lunarian's daring to come down to Earth for fear of becoming tainted.

Either way, Eirin is old and still doing fine.

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You are perfectly right. The thing is, we both are.
There are two legends, both of which are accepted.

Chang'e/Chang'o was a heavenly princess banished to earth along with her husband, after he shot down 7 out of 8 suns (long story). Her husband went out to gather the elixir of immortality which, in a full dose, grants godhood, but in half dose only grants infinite life.
However Chang'e felt that she'd been treated unfairly as she had been punished for her husband's doings, and drank the whole potion herself, returning her to a goddess. But since she had betrayed her husband and escaped her punishment she didn't dare return to the land of the gods, but settled on the moon.

Some sources claim the gods found her anyway and did turn her into a toad (this part never happens in the other legend).

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Pick and choose your favourite theory, pretty much.

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Canon love

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I don't know about Kaguya, but seemed to me like Eirin is keeping herself alive part because she simply enjoys watching out for the princess.

But it's true. Even if she isn't dying anytime soon, Eirin is living on borrowed time. How old is she anyway?

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Eirin tastes like medicine

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Eirin tastes like cough drops.

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