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Oh yeah I swapped it. It's 100% damage reduction from yang attacks 30% of the time and not 30% damage reduction from yang attacks 100% of the time.

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I bought 15k money with pink cubes and didn't get her with that 10 roll either. 110 rolls resulted in 1 Medicine, 1 Lily White, 2 Marisa, 1 Reisen and 1 Remilia but no Mokou.

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I did 40 rolls and I got fucking Medicine and Chen.

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I lost against Mokou because her opening move did more damage than I thought it would.

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The homing characteristic of Sakuya A is just outclassed in utility and damage by Reimu A, which doesn't even require you to be at the right angle for the bullets to go towards the enemy
Update on TD: I did another run and died right before the end. Fucking kill me

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Holy fug this is bullshit. The fight starts and I instantly get hit for 800+ damage on the first turn. I even had flame absorbing and explosion cancelling gear but apparently that doesn't matter.

I bet the only way to win is to have 20 swift potions, 20 invincibility postions and some damage buffing drinks.

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I wonder if this guy knows he is ruining moco

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