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She stole your money

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Dollmaster huh!?

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About anime fandom in a relationship. How would you deal with it?

I'm kind of awkward about my nerdy hobbies and I certainly hide my powerlevel from the public (it's not even that big to begin with). I wonder, if a normal person would ever understand the obsessive otaku mindset that I have or rather would average joe out there really be able to genuinely relate with a nerd in general? The thing is that I'd like to share my fav shows with my friend since I associate myself with them on emotional level. I'd figure that it would help him to get to know me better. The problem is that I don't think it is such a great idea to show him SZS for an example. That's the kind of anime that most of the normal people will never understand. How do you manage your relationships?

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I'm looking for documentaries about japan.

I just checked out Japanorama and I can't say it was that good. First of all the the main guy in it is a huge weeaboo nerd and he has speaking disability. The series focuses exclusive on some of the marginal trends of the japanese entertainment and utterly fails at delivering nothing but the idiotic weeabiased image of japan as a whole.

Seriously, how about you recommend something with actual quality this time around.

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as the thing stays what for the roleplaying threads? i dont hold a single view. for the things to come it must be acknowled that 4chan is rolepaly. like it or not. some of it is consious andsome not.

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Hmm, I didn't think of the sentence that way. You're right though.

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And while that is all going on, Marisa gets jealous and rapes her, too.

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Here. Let me help you.

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