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After unless I've missed a shower for a few days and smell bad. I get paranoid and think people know something is up when I shower to fap and then shower to clean up right after.

I caved today and bought 3 fleshlights on that buy 2 get 1 free deal. I tried one before and it sucked but it was a really old design and the new ones look so enticing so we will see.

I'm trying to nofap until they get here to revive sensation a bit but they won't be here till Thursday and I'm dying

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Unemployed again! Wo-ho! How should I fill my days to become truNEET?

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What the fuck is this japanese doing? It's posting a smiley, and I dont understand it.




what the fuck are these things doing?

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yeah, i was worried that there wouldn't be an easy way out of it. i guess it's not a very common problem. thanks anyway, i guess i'll spend my saturday night renaming cue files

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life is a drag

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I don't masturbate because I smoke NEETrocks (known as crack cocaine to the normies) and it makes my peepee so tiny and limp that masturbating is like rubbing a fat little mushroom.

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What is it made of then?

Why isn't my butt that firm?

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/jp/ i need help. There's this game that got posted here a while ago. It was a flash BDSM hentai game where you could electrocute ,spill hot wax, clamp, pierce etc a girl. While you did this she screamed and stuff. Does anyone have the link to it?

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Is the Mediafire folder still being updated?

I haven't seen a denpa thread in like forever.

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>firm and harmful.

What exactly are you talking about?

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