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They're practically a personal holster if they're big enough, Anon. My sisters stash stuff in their bras all the time. I'm sure they could use their tit-crack to steady a popsicle for consumption, too

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If I did, I apologize, as by my twisted logic I believe that Komachi may only die once death itself has lost its meaning, i.e. when all things capable of death (basically everything short of Kaguya and Mokou) are dead and nothing more can die. Thus, death becomes something not-death as there is no more death.

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>it's checkmate for magic.

It's funny, because if it weren't for Reimu and/or everyone else in Imperishable Night, Eirin would have sealed Earth away for good with magic.

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Taking it easy.

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It's passable. Maybe even a little cute. We've talked about this before so you should know that's a lot coming from me for a Touhou figure. Take the plunge, I say.

Why couldn't the rain stop the game before it started? Man, I hate baseball.


A man can dream...

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