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Oh God, this is the most fucked up thing I've watched today.

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Why did Japan invade China? Why did they do so many terrible things to them, instead of living in peace?

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My entire school is having a huge barbecue/piss-up and I'm the only one not participating. I haven't eaten in two days and can't afford to drink cause I'm dead broke.

I will proceed to spend the entire day and night locked in my dorm, surfan /jp/, fapping and possibly trying to finish up YMK.

Life is awesome.

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A book from Patchy's library that tells me how to get to Gensokyo. Also the book mysteriously contains a wedding ring sized to fit Meiling perfectly. A very mysterious book.

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Good writing, and we want to fuck touhous.

Also, being able to discuss VN choices in realtime is fun.

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