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Japanese bird honourably protecting /jp/ heritage from barbaric invaders.

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<span class="sjis"> /JAYPEE/ BANZAI[/spoiler]

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>New board added: /vt/ - Virtual YouTubers
We did it lads
We finally have our home back...

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Never underestimate the Japanese Bird.

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Do not underestimate the power of the Japanese bird. He can cook spaghetti out of anything.

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throw me your very best

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Can someone check my attempted translations, please?

Source: https://furigana.info/w/%E7%91%B6%E6%B1%A0

Drunk at my grandma's funeral, I teased Jouga telling him to join her underground and that he was a piglet mistakenly given birth as a human.

すがたは、坐していても、身長ことにすぐれて見え、身には水色の 鶴氅[かくしょう]を着、頭には 綸巾[りんきん]をいただき、その面は玉瑛のようだった。
Source: https://furigana.info/w/%E7%8E%89%E7%91%9B

Even sitting, the figure appeared to be tall, the body covered by a kakushou, and a rinkin on its head that looked like it was made out of crystal.

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delete my threads all you want NSJ, but you'll never break my Japanese spirit!

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if you haven't figured it out yet, yukkuri represent neets. many other negative people in society as well, but primarily neets(thus they are useless blobs that are concerned about nothing but living life easily).

this is what most people would like to express towards people like us, if you haven't forgotten, regardless of where you came from or why you may be a neet. these days you can see a lot of the same sentiments coming from even people on /jp/.

i'm just glad we live in a world populated by people with such intelligence.

also some people simply like to torture things. see
i kind of wonder what kind of person you are if you think anything but the absolute worst of actual crimes, rather than sins of immaturity, deserves death by microwave.

also, i'm assuming you realize you're on a board filled with the people you describe.

we're all stuck in the same shitpot universe. you think you're the one who's at fault for you being such a great person? go ahead and keep believing it if it makes you feel better, i guess, but logically the idea is practically impossible.

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>Ph.D in NEET studies
>3k starting
>Any freetime activity I want

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OP should normally delete their previous thread if it is still up. Don't you know how to dose?

That's it, flan is over.


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Can't you tell what a Japanese bird looks like?

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shit touhou

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A legend among legends. You will never be forgotten. You sure it isn't just sleeping?

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