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Finished Meguru's route in Sanoba Witch. I actually liked it quite a bit. While the plot isn't as engaging as Nene's route, Meguru is a better heroine and she pretty much carries her own route. I also didn't find her personality to be that different from her common route self, it felt like a logical change in perspective rather than a character assassination like a worse game might do.

What that one anon said about it being a dating manual is spot on and I enjoyed that aspect, it was nice seeing a heroine have some semi-realistic reactions to an awkward protagonist while still loving him.

Don't really feel like doing Tsumugi's route (I'm slightly curious about her magic but she's a really boring moeblob) or Touko's route (not my type of girl and her sprite's 5head annoys me) so I might just plow through Wakana's short route and then consider the game finished.

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