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What right does Humanity have to deny Youkai the same opportunities to live a happy and prosperous life, /jp/?

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Admit it, /jp/. You hate Gensokyo because it proves Human can't govern themselves without the assistance of a superior race. It proved that Youkai are inherently Superior to Humans in every way and it makes you angry. that's why you want to exterminate them.

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No, Humans are Inherently selfish people who only care for themselves. Youkai on the other hand are kind, smart, and understand the suffering of others. They should subjugate humans to guide them to prosperity

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Daily reminder that Humans are self-centered people who are hypocrites when it comes dealing with other people.

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Is Hijiri in the right, /jp/? Are Humans self-centered that they can't understand the plight of others?

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>Tfw Humanity is the problem

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