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in your opinion, what would constitute non-sucky action and sex scenes? i'm honestly curious + maybe i can offer some recommendations
anyways, i don't feel like madonna particularly over- or underdeliver on anything - if anything i think they just play it safe and offer more or less the same thing across their releases repeatedly. their whole premise seems to be a more glamorous and dolled-up depiction of hags with some emphasis on the drama (and, accordingly, the set-up and vibe/feel etc). they're not rape specialists or wacky action pioneers but they do have a set formula that can be felt even between titles that are completely different stories/set-ups/subgenres

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Are you new here? The only reason why the usual volume of hagposting was reduced these past few days was because of all the incredible jukujo releases this month. I mean, they're always good but this month was especially amazing
I still haven't caught up, there's simply too much hag kino with even more on the way in the coming weeks. We can't stop winning

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