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The thread that got deleted was talking about "Otaku Culture", here's the thread in question:

Here's my answer:
If you want an honest answer I'll kind of give you one, for starters is pretty immature to think this medium is full of them, the thing is that the ones that are not usually keep to themselves, it's a terrible idea in all honesty, the most vocals ones sadly, since they have nothing better to do they talk trash about the game they have on their minds. Is easy to open your mouth at any given opportunity and spout trash, is harder to say something relevant or good about something. Is easy to just open your mouth and yap, point in case all that retarded talk you see on the interwebs, don't forget though that even then there is some people that have enough spare time to make relevant and informative threads like this. And some who answer them and not say stupid stuff and instead answer to your question, like me, I guess. I just hope people that usually keep quite but have something good to say about the games they play come out, buying the games you like is good, but feedback is also important.

Mod please, the thread's subject is otaku culture.

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talk with us anon, what is bothering you lately

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can we make cirno threads a daily thing /jp/?

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yeah nah, you're missing the strongest

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I'm on speed, been masturbating for the last six hours straight, feeling great. This is the NEET life.

Anyone know the name of a harem eroge where you're playing an RPG and then the female characters from the RPG come out of the game and into reality and you need to fuck them so they can go home or something like that? I don't know, I remember playing it but I can't find it on my hard drive and I feel like masturbating to that.

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If you have 5 shirts and 5 pants you will have 25 different ways to dress yourself.

If you consider that the standard /jp/ NEET go out once a week to buy groceries, you will have almost 6 months of different sets of clothes.

It's not that hard.

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>Is your health declining from the sedentary nature of the NEET lifestyle

I'd be surprised if I live to see 30.

A few years ago I got lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, and I found out that my doctor happened to love throwing out the good stuff. He's basically a dealer with a stethoscope.

Anyway though, the end result is that I'm hopelessly addicted to speed and opium and I have been for a couple years now. It's probably going to kill me, but for now I'm feeling pretty good.

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What if I'm multiple personality types and I'm not sure what my real one is anymore?

Depending on what medications I take that my doctor has prescribed me I can be anything from a ESTP, a INTP, or a ENFP.

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Why is cirno eating candy out of a hat so cute?

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How do I make myself go crazy, /jp/?

Several years ago I was bored and I couldn't think of any hobbies that I wanted to try and this idea popped into my head. I've been working on chiseling away at my sanity for a few years now, but progress is slow.

I've gotten to the point that I can see weird shadows jumping around in the corners of my vision and sometimes everything looks like it's spinning, but aside from these minor visual disturbances I haven't had much progress.

I've tried to deprive myself of sleep, isolate myself, sensory deprivation, listening to bagpipes for hours, and everything I can think of, but it just won't work. It's like my brain is a cement wall and I'm trying to smash through it.

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who da boss nigga of /jp/?

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Enjoy your final moments

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6.Forget all that and play Touhou

Best option.

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Why don't you work hard for a little while and then move to Thailand?

It only costs about 200 dollars a month to rent an extremely nice western house in Thailand since the exchange rate is weighed so heavily in our favor.

You could live in luxury for the next 50 years without any money concerns if you saved up only 500k.

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Much, much better.

I learned to enjoy being alone. I learned that work is a waste of life and then I quit my job and was happy to continue living with my parents. /jp/ taught me how to trick the government into giving me money every month for doing nothing.

I don't know how depressed I would be if I never found /jp/ and I had stayed outside. /jp/ probably saved my life.

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I fell in love once. It was awful.

I felt like I had a fever, I wanted to throw up all the time, I just couldn't take it easy, and eventually I was NTR'd.

The love I feel when I play an eroge is better. It is calm and soothing, like a gentle stream of happiness. Love in the real world is like a tornadoes of lies and suffering.

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I'm actually a pretty nice girl.

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How can you be a failure if you have unlimited free time and you spend your entire day doing the things that make you happy?

You only become a failure once you need to get a job. It's pretty simple. One person has unlimited time to do everything he wants to do and the other person is forced to spend the vast majority of his week doing things that he doesn't want to do in exchange for a measly sliver of free time.

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I wanted to share my story with you nerds and you're just pussy homosexuals. Step this up *grabs dick*

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If I'm just an arrangement of brain cells then why are humans the only animals that can speak Japanese?

The answer is that we're not animals. We're a species of angels that have forgotten the history of our people and we simply think we're animals because the ancient gods have stranded us on this planet. It's why humans create beautiful works of art and speak beautiful languages like Japanese and every other animal just eats their poop all day.

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